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Essay Galaxy - Eminem Guilty Conscience Analy “Guilty Conscience”

The first part of the song is about Eddie who is a twenty-three year old man who is having problems and figures he can get money if he robs the liquor store his problems will be solved, but then he has second thought right before robbing it. Now his good conscience, which is Dre, makes Eddie think bout what will happen if he does rob the store and how much trouble he’s going to get in if he does it. Now his bad conscience, which is Eminem, tells him to just go through with it you won’t get caught because, you will use your aunt as an alibi. The next verse that Dre raps means that if he actually does it since the store clerk probably knows almost everyone in the neighborhood she will tell on you, and you will get caught. Then Eminem goes on about is her life important, because you can just kill her if yo....

Number Of Pages: 3 Number Of Words: 725

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