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Welcome to Essay Galaxy

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  • American History : The Civil War, American Revolution, Great Depression, Slavery
  • Arts and Movies : Television, The Crucible, Hamlet, Pulp Fiction, Macbeth, A Doll's House
  • Biographies : John F. Kennedy, Einstein, Washington, Malcolm X, Mark Twain, Gandhi
  • Book Reports : Lord of the Flies, Huckleberry Finn, Jane Eyre, Brave New World
  • Computers : Internet, Hacking, Computer Crime, Censorship, Viruses, Software Piracy
  • Creative Writing : Personal Writing, Fiction, Short Stories, Letters, Autobiographies
  • Economics : Depression, Businesses, Asian Crisis, Interest Rates, Employment
  • Education : Bilingual, College, High School, Teaching, Studying, School Uniforms
  • English : Beowulf, The Odyssey, A Modest Proposal, Literature, Dante, Oedipus Rex
  • Geography : China, Colombia, Germany, Austria, Egypt, Thailand, Africa, Australia
  • Health and Medicine : Abortion, AIDS, Schizophrenia, Stress, Depression, Alcoholism
  • Legal Issues : Drinking, Drugs, Death Penalty, Marijuana, Immigration, Gun Control
  • Miscellaneous : Sports, Philosophy, Mythology, Socrates, Transcendentalism
  • Music and Musicians : Rock and Roll, The Beatles, Tupac, Mozart, Metallica
  • Poetry and Poets : Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Sonnets, John Keats, T.S Eliot
  • Politics and Politicians : Clinton, The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Richard Nixon
  • Religion : Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, School Prayer
  • Science and Nature : Stars, The Big Bang, Atoms, Greenhouse Effect, Acid Rain
  • Social Issues : Child Abuse, Curfews, Violence, Divorce, Sexual Harassment, Stereotypes
  • World History : D-Day, World War, The Aztecs, French Revolution, The Holocaust

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