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Essay Galaxy - Sophist Teachings Sophist Teachings

Despite years of traditional religious education, I find myself learning the delicate art of self interest. The empowering knowledge that I am indeed the captian of my own ship leaves me with feelings of control and peace and undoubtedly a measure of guilt. While I do most certainly believe in a higher power, i cannot subscribe to any preconceived religion. The Sophists, a group of itinerant teachers in ancient Greece, profess that truth is always relative (Tarnas 26) and that seems to me the most comfortable assurance. That leaves me with the question: Is free will the same as flexible atheism? I know that probability in favor of a God, and yet with little or no empirical proof all claims of faith seem rather unsubstantiated to me. And yet, this seems to displease many people taht I am clo....

Number Of Pages: 4 Number Of Words: 1071

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