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Essay Galaxy - Macbeth: His Trust In The Witches Macbeth: His Trust In The Witches

In life, it is possible to trust people too much. If you trust someone too much, it can cause extensive problems, even cause your downfall. Even someone who seems to be so sure, so confident in their judgement can fall prey to this fallacy in human nature. Take Macbeth, our main character; the chivalrous, honorable knight, the thane of Glamis. Macbeth trusted the witches too much and this trust eventually proved to be the key to his undoing. Why did Macbeth trust the witches so much? He ran into the witches as he walked through the woods, they told him some wild prophecies, and he believed them! How many of you would trust complete strangers - apparitions, no less, not even human - that you just ran into in the woods, especially if they told you you would be the ruler of your land. You would probably brush the encounter off, b....

Number Of Pages: 5 Number Of Words: 1119

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