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Essay Galaxy - Biofeedback Biofeedback

Biofeedback therapy is a treatment technique that enables people to use signals emitted from their own body to monitor and improve their health. It is the "use of instrumentation to mirror psychophysiological processes of which the individual is not normally aware and which may be brought under voluntary control (Biofeedback pamphlet)." These processes include heart rate, respiration, skin temperature, electrodermal response, muscle tension and other bodily functions that are usually controlled involuntarily. "Bio" means "life" and the word "feed back" means the return of data to its origin. So, biofeedback is "biological information with is returned to the source that created it so that source can understand and have control over it (O'Hair, D.)." The principles of biofeedback date back more than a half a century. "Biofeedback" is a term that was coined in the late....

Number Of Pages: 6 Number Of Words: 1567

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