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Essay Galaxy - Essay on "Poetics for Bullies" Essay on "Poetics for Bullies"

In the short story, "Poetics for Bullies," Push, the bully, was pure evil. Everything that he did throughout the entire story was mean and very wrong. The only explanation for this is that he was just plain evil, and there was no way to change him into a good person. Some various examples of Push's wrong-doings include stealing, scaring people, playing mean tricks, and even trying to start fights. Push didn't like anyone. In fact, he hated everyone. He was even mean to his "friend" Eugene. Eugene had a saliva gland problem. This caused him to drool a lot. Push made it seem to Eugene that he was trying to help, when in reality, he was really making fun of him and making jokes at his expense. He often refers to Eugene as "Pig." The only reason that Eugene keeps hanging ar....

Number Of Pages: 2 Number Of Words: 402

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