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Essay Galaxy - Big Brother: Who Is He And What Does He Want Big Brother: Who Is He And What Does He Want

"1984" is a political novel by George Orwell that, when written in 1949, took place in the not so distant future. The main focus of the novel is how society can fall under the rule of a single power, and lose the freedom they once had. "Big Brother" is for the most part the leader of Oceania, where the story takes place, and everyone is supposed to love him. "Big Brother" is the leader of the "Party", which is the political group that the population of Oceania is ruled by. Posters of Big Brother are put up all over Oceania, mostly the posters read "Big Brother is watching you!" and there is a picture of a large face. It is never really said wether Big Brother is a real person or one made up by the Party to force te ideas and beliefs on the people of Oceania. Either way, everyone has to love Big Brot....

Number Of Pages: 3 Number Of Words: 778

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